Mer in front of our Austrian copper rose, which blooms magnificently for about 1 week in May.
MJH in front of a favorite photo.
John Stewart (my oldest friend) with Miss Kitty.
Blue heron at Lake Mary, southeast of Flagstaff, AZ (picture taken through one side of our binoculars).
Montezuma’s Castle (in name only -- actually Hohokam or Sinagua), south of Flagstaff, AZ. Stunning.
Tuzigoot Ruins, Sinaguan. Cool ruins in an interesting spot southwest of Flagstaff, AZ.
Children’s garden at Albuquerque’s Biopark.
Butterfly pavillion at the Biopark.
Butterfly pavillion at the Biopark.
MJH at the Aquarium in the Biopark. Photo by MRudd.
I’ve never seen a fish with such a personality.
Benita G. at Nukes, er, Isotopes Park.
Ken G., too.
Cyd Cassone and Ruthie Foster in concert at the Biopark. (Photographed through my new monocular.)
Monsoon season returns (we hope).
MR with Susan Weeks, classmate, colleague, amazing watercolorist.
MR signs her book, Life Planning in New Mexico, at Page One. <a href= target=_blank></a>
Christmas card shot in new-to-us territory in Colorado. Very close to a huge waterfall and snow.
As Lucky grins, Mer waves to a line of elk along a ridge 12,000 feet up in Colorado. Moments before snow (and thunder and lightning).
Mer fords an icy fork of the Conejos.
MJH and SRO -- droogie, Steve O’Neill -- at the Frontier, again.
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